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The Quality Assurance 'Diamonds' Mark identifies the Members in our Culinary Trails Guide, and recognize their work at local, national & international levels. The Guide will showcase them through the symbol of a diamond. The diamonds are featured in different colors, identifying the different Culinary Arenas found throughout the State of Florida. A Green Diamond indicates an Agricultural group or farm, whereas the Red Diamond or Red Snail represents Slow Food. The color Diamonds Chart identifying different culinary individuals, groups and activities, can be seen below. If our viewers feel they do not fit with a particular 'Diamond' group or color, but want to be in our Guide, let us know and we will organize an optional color Diamond to identify your specific Culinary Arena. 



Slow Food - Florida Vineyards & Breweries
Restaurants - Casual Dining Organic Farms
Restaurants - Fine Dining Farmers Markets
Fisheries Food Producers & Food Products
Seafood and Fresh Fish Fancy .. Frozen .. & Processed Foods
Culinary Education Farms & Ranches
Food Producers & Culinary/Food Small Culinary Businesses
Products (Grown or made in Florida) Brokers.. Marketing, Sales, Distributors
Publications, Media & TV Corporations
Entrepreneurs & Restaurateurs Culinary Trade Shows & Festivals

Very soon, we will start accepting requests from those who wish to be featured on Florida's Culinary Trails. It allows the opportunity for exposure to members of the public, who might decide to take a Culinary Trail to their doorstep and discover what they are doing and have to offer. As the Culinary Trails increase, it will become very evident that Florida is America’s Culinary Paradise.

Contact us for further details, or complete the Culinary Trails Application form and we will get You and your Culinary Activities out there.

E Mail: CulinaryParadise@aol.com

Culinary Trails Application Form